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  • 1.  Custom logo with AWI 11.2.2

    Posted 10-10-2016 01:00 PM
    I’m trying to use a custom logo with Automic Web Interface (née ECC) version 11.2.2. I followed the instructions for Customizing the ECC User Interface, and put a file called logo.png in the config/theme directory of the app. The logo appears ok, but with an unsightly white background. My logo has a transparent background.Has anyone else seen this? Is there a way to fix it?
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    The problem does not affect v12.

  • 2.  Custom logo with AWI 11.2.2

    Posted 10-13-2016 05:30 AM
    Unfortunately it is not possible to get rid of the white background behind a custom image in AWI 11.2.2 since it is hardcoded in the index.css which is included in the webui-vaadin-framework-theme.jar.

  • 3.  Custom logo with AWI 11.2.2

    Posted 10-13-2016 05:35 AM
    I reported this problem in INC00124508.

  • 4.  Custom logo with AWI 11.2.2

    Posted 10-13-2016 10:29 AM
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    While we wait for a fix, I came up with a quick work-around. I modified the index.css file to remove the white background. The updated file appears to work well. The login screen shows the custom icon just fine, and the background image shows through the transparent areas of the logo.

    Figure 1. Automic Web Interface v11: Login banner with custom logo and fixed index.css file

    The logo displays just fine on the main AWI screen too.

    Figure 2. Automic Web Interface v11: Top banner with custom logo and fixed index.css file

    I have attached the modified index.css file to this message in case anyone else wants to use it. My modifications are limited to the ecc-logo-themed class. I believe these changes should have no impact beyond display of the custom logo.

    If you want to replace the original index.css file, here is how to find it. The file is nested a couple of levels deep inside the ECC WAR file:


    (Remember that WAR and JAR files are just ZIP files with a particular structure; you can open them by renaming them to .zip and them just opening them in WinZIP or another program capable of opening ZIP archives.)

    Thanks to Karin_Wasinger_8156 for pointing out the location of the problem.


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  • 5.  Custom logo with AWI 11.2.2

    Posted 10-24-2016 03:35 AM
    Automic Support claims that the white background in v11 is not a bug, but is the intended appearance. INC00124508 has been closed.

    If you want to remove the white background, you’re going to have to modify the index.css file yourself, as described above.