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Campaign data inconsistency on large data sets

  • 1.  Campaign data inconsistency on large data sets

    Posted 03-14-2018 12:57 PM

    CA Support would like to alert you to the following issue in IP/IG 14.1.



    End user working on a campaign in Identity Portal r14.1 on large data sets that span across multiple pages may encounter inconsistency in the data. They may select a bulk approval but it will mark only some of the items, then if the user switches between pages some of the tasks will appear again or disappear.
    Occurs in Identity Portal 14.1.
    Will also occur in 14.2 when released and will be noted as a known issue in the 14.2 release notes.
    A permanent fix will be included in a subsequent release.
    This problem occurs due to a conflict between server side (IG admin default display) default sorting/grouping vs. client side (IP end user personalization) sorting/grouping.

    The issue will happen if one of the following is performed:
    1. In Identity Governance certification template default sorting/grouping is set
    2. In Identity Portal end user sets their own sorting/grouping
    Temporary workaround is comprised of two steps:
    1. Your Admin must remove default sorting/grouping from the campaign template
    2. Contact CA Support for a temporary code fix (HF-DE339097-20180301-0001) which removes the sorting/grouping functionality from Identity Portal.  (This fix needs to be removed once the permanent fix is provided.)
    Full Solution:
    A permanent fix will be delivered in a future release (to be determined).

    The above information is also published in the Knowledge Base:

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