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Custom Field on TWA and CCA Integration.

  • 1.  Custom Field on TWA and CCA Integration.

    Posted 02-26-2021 03:15 PM
    Hi Team!

    I have Configuration Automation integrated with CA Service Desk to populate the TWA from CCA to SDM, the default field mapping indicates that the os_name (cca) field for virtual machines and lpar is to the server_type (sdm) field, however when I look in Service Desk, the server_type field does not apply to the hardware.virtual machine and hardware.logical partition families and for us it is necessary to have this information of the virtual and lpar in the cmdb. I tried creating a zserver_type field in the families and in the ci_twa_ci table and changing the field mapping in cca, however when executing the integration job, it generates an error in cca which indicates that the zserver_type field does not exist in the ci_twa_ci table . How can I get this information to TWA?

    Thank you!