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WCC cant connect to EEM

  • 1.  WCC cant connect to EEM

    Posted 13 days ago



    I changed the EEM password. I can get into EEM, but now WCC can connect to EEM.


    I get this error in the logs


    INFO   | jvm 1    | 2020/10/16 17:34:48 |     1160 | @tomcat-resource <xxxxxx ~FC7> [] ERROR #EmbIAMAccessProvider               # EmbIAMAccessProvider - SafeContextFactory.getSafeContext failed for config: AccessConfig[HostName=unycwbd16838.macbank, Locale=en_US, ServerEnabled=true, AppName=WorkloadAutomationAE, AppCertPath=/app/CA/WorkloadCC/data/config/autosysCertificate.pem, ServerAdminID=EiamAdmin, EventLogPath=null, PersistentCachePath=null, RetryConnectInterval=30, RetryPingInterval=30, FullCacheUpdateEnabled=false, CacheUpdateInterval=30], SafeException.getMessage =

    EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication Failed

    INFO   | jvm 1    | 2020/10/16 17:34:48 |     1160 | [Authenticate Error: Authentication Failed, Authenticate Error: Authentication Failed, Identity Attempted: EiamAdmin]


    Any help is greatly appreciated!



    Jim Finnegan


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  • 2.  RE: WCC cant connect to EEM

    Posted 11 days ago
    You have to regenerate the certificates and re-configure the EEM. 

    To regenerate certificate: 

    safex –h EEM_servername –u admin_user –p password –f /app/CA/WorkloadCC/safex/IssueCertificate.xml

    This will generate wcc.pem and wcc.key files in the /app/CA/WorkloadCC/safex/ directory. You will need to copy them over to /app/CA/WorkloadCC/data/config/ directory.
    Note. You seem to be using custom certificate name "autosysCertificate.pem", please back up the certificate before copying the updated one. 

    To re-configure the EEM in WCC
    wcc_config -u ejmcommander -p ejmcommander --eemhostname EEM_01 --eemadmin 
    --eempassword admin --eemcertname autosysCertificate.pem --eemcertkey autosysCertificate.key  - -eemappid WCC0004