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authenticated SMTP issue AWA12.3.1

  • 1.  authenticated SMTP issue AWA12.3.1

    Posted 01-15-2020 12:05 PM
    ​Dear All,
    We want to use authenticated SMTP in AWA 12.3.1, we set up smtp parameters like SMTP_FROM_ADDR,SMTP_SERVER in uc_client_settings vara object, then we want to create SMTP login object but object type "MAIL" is missing, so created MAIL type of object in UC_LOGIN_TYPES and then set up login and set parameter SMTP_LOGIN into uc_client_settings. When I sent email with notification object smtp connection was authenticated and email sent, but when I run email notification object with parameter  "external file" (in this case mail is sent by agent not by AE) smtp connection was blocked with error "Client was not authenticated to send anonymous mail during MAIL FROM". Could be the reason that missing "MAIL" type in login object is reason why agent is not able to set up authenticated smtp connection? Do you have any similar experience? Did I miss some settings so that type "MAIL" is not appearing in pop up window in login object? Many thanks for your support in advance.