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CAWA DE 12.2 and desktop client

  • 1.  CAWA DE 12.2 and desktop client

    Posted 09-19-2019 02:04 PM
    We have our DE manager upgraded to CAWA DE 12.2 (build 2298) in our NON PROD environment, our prod manager is still R12.0 SP1 (build 616)

    we have desktop client -

    Version: - Build: 0616
    Version: - Build: 2297

    It appears we can log onto either desktop client either version of CAWA DE R12.2 and R12.0 SP1.

    My question is R12.2 has a new field under Run Frequency where you can check and uncheck Do not run.  Will it cause a problem to copy from CAWA DE non prod R12.2 to CAWA DE prod R12.0 SP1?


  • 2.  RE: CAWA DE 12.2 and desktop client

    Posted 09-20-2019 01:52 AM

    Yes , only if the option is selected as the old server release will not understand the new optional field 'do not run'  and the upload or copy will fail.
    If you do not select that new field in NON PROD , then there should be no problems in the PROD server .
    Hope it helps!

    Thanks and regards,
    Ravi Kiran

  • 3.  RE: CAWA DE 12.2 and desktop client

    Posted 09-20-2019 08:17 AM
    Great thank you!  For the most part we should be safe then as we didn't roll out new desktop client to the developers yet so they don't even know about the new field yet.  Good to know that if one of us did use it in non prod the upload would fail, I would rather that than cause a issue.​