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Run Times

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  • 1.  Run Times

    Posted 01-17-2020 02:51 PM
    I know that you can give a job the maximum run time and then alert based off of that. My question is can I give a job a time that it should start by and then alert off of that. As an example if I want job A to start by 13:00, can I get an alert if it starts at 13:01 instead?

  • 2.  RE: Run Times

    Posted 01-17-2020 06:50 PM
    A few ideas off the top of my head:

    The process script inside of the object could detect at what time it was launched and react accordingly.  (This would make it hard to test it at different times of day though.)

    Another idea is to put the job inside of a workflow, and  have a workflow task precondition rule check the time it executes and react accordingly.  (This would interfere with testing the workflow at different times of day)

    Another idea is to schedule a separate workflow to run right at 13:00 every day, and if it detects that your job hasn't started yet, it would react accordingly.  I usually try to do this sort of trickery with precondition rules on top of an alert task to either Run or Skip the task.

    There is also a new "Fulfillments" feature in the product which can be accessed via the "Process Monitoring" perspective.  I haven't played with it yet, but I wonder if it might be able to satisfy your requirement?


  • 3.  RE: Run Times
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    Posted 01-18-2020 07:55 AM
    You can also put the object in a workflow and use the CheckPoint to raise an alarm if the object is not started in time.

    Now the problem in all thoses possibilities is : how do you schedule your object to start ?

    - in a workflow started by a Schedule Object ?
    - in a workflow activated by an Event ?
    - in an Event directly ?
    - independantly using a C-Period (for me it is not scheduling, just a temporary activation but ....) ?
    - in a command inside another object (ACTIVATe_UC_OBJECT in a Script i.e.) ?
    - through a CallAPI ?
    -  etc ....

    Based on the different cases your activation/start time can be easily checked or need extra objects running more or less 24X7 to control activities. So no simple answer to your question but as usual multiple ones !!