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  • 1.  NCM radius to tacacs

    Posted 07-12-2019 11:02 AM
    ​Hi All,
    Could someone please provide some insight on NCM authentication, when authentication is moved from a radius to TACACS environment.  We have been working fine for 10 years working with NCM to our Cisco and Juniper devices. However, the only way we could do it in the past was to add the default spectrum administrator superuser account to the radius server and that local account allowed for NCM to function properly.  We had tried  using just a regular user account granted superuser privileges but that never seemed to work going through radius. Is this still an issue?  The challenge handed to us by our security, is first the authentication is being moved to a TACACS server and off radius, and second they want an account that is a service account originated in active directory, which means we can no longer just use the default spectrum superuser account. Any and all assistance would be appreciated.