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Dealing with R12 policy store corruption

  • 1.  Dealing with R12 policy store corruption

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 08-02-2011 09:13 AM

    Tuesday Tip by Vijay Masurkar, Principal Support Engineer, for 8-2-2011

    Occasionally, policy store corruption can happen; e.g. due to incomplete or erroneous operations. The result may be seen in several different ways.

    For example, an LDAP search done by policy server may run into a condition such as below.

    [13380/20][Wed Jul 27 2011 09:19:22][CA.XPS:EDIT0050][ERROR] Object #6051 has parent #5721, which does not exist.
    [13380/20][Wed Jul 27 2011 09:19:22][CA.XPS:INIT0017][FATAL] Exception thrown during Database initialization.

    The general way to approach this condition is to use XPSExplorer on the policy server host to locate, identify and delete the orphaned object. This should be performed by an administrator who is very familiar with SiteMinder version R12 and the specific installation in question.

    TEC491422 ( explains a way to remove orphaned XPS objects when the policy store is an RDB.

    However, before executing any commands one should question the following way:

    How did the missing object link get created; or, did it get imported in the current policy store (from a legacy store which already was missing a parent object in the first place).

    Was there an upgrade?

    If there was an upgrade from SiteMinder r6.x to R12, was there a successful data definition install?

    Was the XPSexport successful?

    And, if the export of the policy store was successful, did the XPSImport succeed?

    Was XPSSweeper run at any point to sync the data (particularly) after running the mix of XPS and legacy tools (even though there may be a scheduled XPSSweeper run at weekly scheduled time)?

    You will need to research through the export/import error logs. So, if you have used switches such as –vT (for verbose tracing), - e <error_log_file>, and –l <command_log_file> when the policy store was exported or imported, locating an error is possible.

    For detailed information about the XPS commands, see the SiteMinder R12 Policy Server Administration Guide. And, for the migration and upgrade planning and process details, refer to the SiteMinder R12 Upgrade Guide.

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    Posted 04-25-2017 07:57 PM