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  • 1.  Archive Manager is not starting

    Posted 08-14-2017 03:04 PM
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    We replaced our main DEV spectroserver last Friday. The new one has basically the same name and IP, my colleague has done this a lot of times in the past.


    However, the archive manager doesn't want to start at this moment. Attaching the error we're receiving.


    Both spectroservers (primary and secondary) are up, and bot .hostrc are the same at this time (there was a mismatch).


    1. How can I verify if the local Archive Manager landscape?
    2. Do you have any idea of what this could be? What log could help?




    Ricardo Nunez

  • 2.  Re: Archive Manager is not starting
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-14-2017 03:12 PM

    Check the $SPECROOT/SS/DDM/ARCHMGR.OUT file for any errors.


    To check if the SS and DDM have the same LH:


    1. Log into the SS system as the user that owns the Spectrum installation

    2. If running Windows, start a bash shell by running bash -login

    3. cd to the $SPECROOT/SS directory and enter the following command:




    4. If they have different LH, make a note of the SS LH

    5. cd to the $SPECROOT/SS/DDM directory and enter the following command where <LH> is the SS LH value noted in step 4 above:


    ./ddm_load -i <LH>


    6. Start the Archive Manager as normal



  • 3.  Re: Archive Manager is not starting

    Posted 08-14-2017 03:14 PM

    I found out that the landscapes don't match. The archive manager one is "0x100000" at SS\DDM\ARCHMGR.OUT


    Aug 14 14:46:06 : ArchMgr started as user 'spectrum'
    Aug 14 14:46:06 : ArchMgr validating database.
    Aug 14 14:46:06 : ArchMgr successfully connected to MySQL service
    Aug 14 14:46:06 : ArchMgr loaded DDM database with landscape handle 0x100000

    Aug 14 14:46:08 : Closing all client connections...
    Aug 14 14:46:08 : Stopping CORBA communication...
    The following output is intended to facilitate debugging, please forward
    to CA technical support.  The files listed are not part of the customer
    installation of SPECTRUM.

    Aug 14 14:46:08 ERROR TRACE at CsCorbaMgr.cc(430): Exception: PortableServer::POAManager::AdapterInactive

    Aug 14 14:46:10 : Closing database
    Aug 14 14:46:10 : ArchMgr is shutting down...

       The Archive Manager has been shutdown because it could not find a SpectroSERVER to connect to.  The most likely causes:
       1) The local SS and DDM landscape handles do not match.
       2) The SpectroSERVER has not been started.
       3) The .hostrc/.locrc on the local(or remote) machine is misconfigured.

    Aug 14 14:46:10 : ArchMgr has successfully shut down.

  • 4.  Re: Archive Manager is not starting

    Posted 08-14-2017 03:28 PM

    Thank you Joseph!


    This seems to be working:


    > ../SS-Tools/lh_set
    SS database landscape handle is 16 (0x400000)
    DDM database landscape handle is 4 (0x100000)

    > pwd
    > cd DDM
    > ls
    ARCHMGR.OUT      ArchMgr.exe     ddm_load.exe  scripts
    ARCHMGR.OUT.bak  ddm_backup.exe  ddm_save.exe  support
    > ./ddm_load.exe -i 0x400000
    Are you sure you want to initialize the DDM Database [y/n]? y
    Successfully initialized the DDM database.
    Landscape handle is 0x400000

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    Posted 08-14-2017 03:32 PM

    Glad I could assist.