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File Operations in GEL

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  • 1.  File Operations in GEL

    Posted 06-26-2019 05:54 AM

    I am facing issues on the file renaming and file movement from one folder to another using GEL script.
    If anyone has the sample code, please update.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • 2.  RE: File Operations in GEL
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    Posted 06-26-2019 07:15 AM
    Hi - I think you posted the exact same thread a few days earlier - would be good if we did not create lots of duplicated threads I think!

    A quick search gave me this discussion which has an example ; "Rename file using GEL script?"

    If you also gave specific details* around "facing issues" rather than the vague statement then you might get some more specific advice though.

    * - like what exactly you are trying to do, what doesn't work, what code you are running, what errors you get - that sort of thing