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Duplicate Event/Rule in catalog

  • 1.  Duplicate Event/Rule in catalog

    Posted 03-07-2016 05:05 AM

    Hi All,


    I am using ca service management 14.1. We have a event/rule created in ca service catalog which create SD ticket for each service option. Action used is pam workflow to create SD event/rule is working as expected which trigger 1 rule for 1 service option. But issue what I am facing is, sometime for 1 service option 2 rule/action are getting triggered and due to which duplicate SD tickets are getting created. Don't know in which scenario it as this behaviour, as anyone faced same issue?

  • 2.  Re: Duplicate Event/Rule in catalog

    Posted 03-25-2016 03:43 PM

    We are using CA SC 12.9 and have had the same issue since Nov 2014.  We noticed this issue shortly after 12.9 Incremental Patch 2 was applied (RO70719) on 11-02-14.  I had been working with CA support on trying to resolve the issue but they still were unable to replicate the duplication exactly, as our environment the duplication occurs randomly.  A CA engineer was able to recreate the duplication at will(steps below) and patch that specific issue with T6D9008.caz (specific to SC 12.9).  CA did fix the duplication from occurring using the steps below but our environment still to this day has duplication occurring.  I obtained authorization from my management to stop working with CA support on trying to get a fix and we will take the issue as an acceptable loss as our current work around is to cancel 1 of the 2 duplicate requests and notify the end user.


    You are correct that the majority of the time catalog only spawns 1 PAM process for each service but what causes Catalog to spawn 2 for each service option we never could figure it out.



    Steps to reproduce duplication:

    1. Pick any item in the Catalog and to cart
    2. Pick the same item again and then Check Out
    3. Submit for approval
    4. Switch to the approver or use SDA for override ability
    5. Set each item to Approved
    6. Click Save
    7. Click Ok on prompt
    8. Immediately Click the Save button again and then Ok on
      the prompt
    9. A please wait window will be presented and then page will
      refresh to an error page saying it has already been processed
    10. Go back to the Catalog home page as the submitter or as
    11. Go back into the submitted Catalog request once PAM has
      completed processing the request to SD.
    12. Validate that 2 matching SD Request tickets were

  • 3.  Re: Duplicate Event/Rule in catalog

    Posted 06-10-2016 09:55 AM

    We found issue if its not approval also. To create direct change order and request also duplicate events are triggering. Also we have change order attached to the catalog request. Where we cant remove duplicate