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ITCM 12.8 issue on Win2012 server

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  • 1.  ITCM 12.8 issue on Win2012 server

    Posted 04-26-2016 05:44 AM

    Hi all,

    We have installed ITCM r12.8 on win2K12 server and trying to tke remote control of hat server from local machine where ITCM r12.5 is installed.

    We are facing issues related to NT video capture driver very frequently. The remote session abruptly gets disconnected and gives error as:



    Unable to allocate the kernel memory for the video capture


    NT video capure driver could not be started.



    Has anyone faced the same issue?

    How to resolve the same??

  • 2.  Re: ITCM 12.8 issue on Win2012 server
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-26-2016 01:23 PM


    Can you advise what is installed on Windows 2012 ? Is this the Domain Manager ?

    You need to make sure you have the needed fixes to support that operating system these are listed on the compatibility matrix site here{E46F5A8B-3469-450D-AE53-8C8EBA83ED74}


    Please also note that ITCM 12.5 is no longer supported so the best course of action would be to upgrade the agents to 12.8.

    I would first uninstall the agents and then reboot the system and install the 12.8 agents fresh. 

    make sure that the 12.8 products supports the operating system especially if before Windows 2008.




  • 3.  Re: ITCM 12.8 issue on Win2012 server

    Posted 04-27-2016 01:37 AM

    Hi Joseph,


    Thanks for the update.

    The 2012 server is not a domain manager. The ITCM agent is installed on that.

    I would check after upgrading the agent on local machine to 12.8.