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Using WA Option Pack on Linux

  • 1.  Using WA Option Pack on Linux

    Posted 11-27-2018 01:57 PM

    Good Afternoon,


    I am looking for some guidance on setting up a partnership federation using the WA Option Pack on a reverse proxy running RHEL 7 with Siteminder as the SP? Currently we have the partnership setup on a 2012R2 web server, we are using the WAOP with Tomcat 7 as the assertion consumer. I don't have a bunch of experience with RHEL 7. That being said I know I can install Tomcat and the WAOP on the RP.


    What I am not clear on is what else I would need to get this partnership up and running with Tomcat acting as the /affwebservices/public/saml2assertionconsumer? Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am new to Linux and SAML Federation as a whole. 


    Kind Regards,


    Brian Jones