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Automated testing for CA Education Content

  • 1.  Automated testing for CA Education Content

    Posted 01-22-2018 04:04 PM

    As a member of the User Experience team within CA Education one of my responsibilities is to ensure the quality of our learning content for customers, partners, and employees. I am focused on the technical aspects, which include confirming that all of our content formats perform as expected via the most common OS and browsers. This means ensuring that playback, navigation, and interactive items perform as expected and also that the activities track and complete within the learning portal.


    • There are currently 7 content types (video, document, etc.)
    • Windows 7, 8 and 10, IE 11, Chrome & FF (N, N-1)
    • Mac Sierra/High Sierra Safari, Chrome, FF (N, N -1)
    • All manual testing, no automation
    • Test plans utilize standard test items for each content type and defined user flows
    • No response time, performance testing, or testing of real end user conditions is currently being conducted
    • New technology triggers testing (e.g. new browser or OS release, upgrade to the software used to publish the content, upgrade to the learning portal)


    Though we are not currently delivering content to mobile devices I expect that will change in the coming year as the barriers to mobile learning are removed. We are unable to scale a manual testing program to include mobile devices, which I expect to double or even triple the testing effort. Therefore we are interested in automating as much of this test effort as possible. We have a series of test scripts in the Perfecto cloud that Perfecto Services developed using Java. Unfortunately we have discovered that the learning curve to effectively maintain these scripts is steep to the point of being prohibitive. Thus I would like to consider which CA products can potentially meet our needs and the skill set and considerations for each.