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  • 1.  looking for SDU Enhancement Pack 1....

    Posted Dec 16, 2015 05:37 AM



    As you are certailny aware the web site closed recently.

    I was looking for some customizations that were done on the website and unfortunately they are no longer available.

    Those customizations where available in the SDU is Enhancement Pack 1.

    If by any luck any of you have this package would it be possible to make it available or attach it on this post.


    Thanks in advance for your help (please forgive any mistake in the post, english is not my mother tongue)


    Best regards


  • 2.  Re: looking for SDU Enhancement Pack 1....
    Best Answer

    Posted Jan 03, 2016 11:02 PM

    Hello Yves,


    I'm sorry - I don't have "Enhancement Pack 1" and even if I did, I wouldn't feel comfortable providing it here as it is content generated by the SDU site.


    1) You can still use Google Search and the "site:" command to look for specific items, such as:


    • Enhancement Pack 1


    which brought back this page:


    "Available exclusively from SDU is Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1) for CA Service Desk r12. EP1 contains 5 commonly implemented customizations focusing on improving technician efficiencies."


    2) The SDU site is BACK!  See the announcement here:

    SDU, Reborn! - ServiceDeskUsers


    3) They are NOT sharing the old files because of the recent malware attack where files had malicious scripts attached to them.

    Still, you could try posting directly on that site and seeing if the site owner can post a clean copy.


    I hope that helps.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.


  • 3.  Re: looking for SDU Enhancement Pack 1....

    Posted Jan 05, 2016 05:02 AM

    Hi Kyle


    Thanks a lot for your answer.


    I understand your position about sharing other web sites content.


    I noticed the email from Gregg about the SDU "reborn", during my holliday period.

    This is a great news and I have retrieved the file on greggs personnal site.

    I'll check that the file is clean before openig the zip file :-)


    That really helps was looking for a customization included in the Enhancement Pack.

    Thanks for your help and I may see you later on the CA communitiy or on SDU.


    Best regards