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DDL and using Hold/Release

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    Posted 06-25-2019 05:55 PM
    Just a quick note to everyone using DDL or planning to use DDL. 

    When adding new fields to and existing file, there is a method that is used when you do not wish to recompile every function that uses that file.  The first step would be to make sure that any access path you did not want to have include these new fields was sent to held (Edit File Details screen option H).  The update index would be set to include the fields.  You could then add additional fields to the end of the file.  The access paths could be regenerated, along with only those programs that update the file.  Other programs would experience no issue.

    however using DDL, this option no longer works as the data access is done via a SELECT * against the table.  This means that currently when using DDL to access data, any changes to tables will require all programs to be regenerated.  

    There is an idea suggested to change the select statement to use select fieldname but it could use more votes.

    Idea Details Select Fieldname

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