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March Rally Office Hours Recap

  • 1.  March Rally Office Hours Recap

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 04-07-2021 12:16 PM

    As a follow-up to our March Rally Office Hours session, we'd like to share some highlights in addition to the questions that were asked, along with their respective answers. 

    Thank you to all who joined us live. We appreciate your feedback and participation in the last session and are looking forward to our next one. If you were not able to attend, there is always an opportunity to ask questions here on the Rally Community discussion board, and we'll do our best to answer.

    Join us on Thursday, April 22, at 12PM ET for our April Session (add to calendar or view upcoming sessions). We look forward to connecting with you!

    March Session Recap

    Discussion topic: Dependency Management Work

    Discussion lead by Gwen Gelsinon 

    For this month's update, Gwen Gelsinon from the Rally Product Management team shared a preview of the dependencies work her team is actively engaged in. 

    While we focus a lot on the development process, there is a lot that goes on outside of that process to define problems and their solutions, and we couldn't be successful without the help of our customers. If you are interested in participating in the feedback and user testing process for our Planning Experience work, please reach out to Gwen at gwen.gelsinon@broadcom.com

    Questions and Answers:

    Responses from Chris Pola, Nancy Failla, and Pam Wilder

    • Can anyone below workspace admin share saved views?
      • You must be a workspace admin to share to the workspace and a project admin to share to the project. 
    • If you are at the parent project level, are you able to share views with all child projects?
      • Currently, if shared views are created at a parent project level, they will not appear at the child project level. We will take this as an enhancement request. 
    • Can you give some feedback on the new timeline page (Under Portfolio items) that has popped up recently?  It seems only myself has access to it.
      • The timeline page is currently in limited beta and is currently only enabled for certain users in a subscription to gather feedback while we are in active development. Because of this, it has likely been enabled for you, but not the rest of your subscription. If you would like to enable this feature for other users, please reach out to our product team. 
    • Is there an anticipated date for the Timeline GA?
      • At this time there is no specific GA date.
    • Can the Insights tool in Rally report using iterations instead of the calendar month? Most of our teams work with a number of weeks for an iteration-2, 3, or 4, not calendar months. This would be most valuable for teams and leadership to view an actual iteration chart to gain a better picture of the teams work.
      • This is currently not supported by Insights. This is because of the need to anonymously normalize the data across the industry to create a Software Development Performance Index (SDPI) for benchmarking. As an alternative, you can leverage the throughput and cycle time reports in Rally and compare the trends you find there with Insights. 
    • I have been looking into creating custom pages for my teams. I have watched a couple of the online (YouTube) video tutorials and they are great. However, I would really like to find some more examples that I can tweak or build off of - rather than creating them from scratch. Is there a repo or stash that you can point me at with a lot of examples that include source code?
      • You can try github.com/RallyTechServices.
      • You can also engage with other customers on the Rally Community and Stack Overflow.

    Suggest a Topic!

    We want to hear from you! Are there any topics you would like to discuss during our opening discussion? If so, comment on this post, and we will take it into consideration for our future sessions.

    On Feedback and Feature Requests

    We know that there is always a desire to submit Feedback and Feature Requests during these sessions. The best way for our product team to receive feedback and feature requests is through the Feedback button in Rally (via the upper right hand corner of any Rally page). 

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