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Reset User Password using command-line

  • 1.  Reset User Password using command-line

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi Team,

    We planning to build custom script to reset ESP User's password.

    We thought of exploring using  "imexutil" to initially export the User definition, tweaking the password and then import the updated file.  But when looking at the content of file, we not able to understand how the "sec:password" and "sec:key" tokens are related to the User's password in plain text.

    <sec:user xmlns:sec=""><sec:id>TESTUSER1</sec:id><sec:name>Test User 1</sec:name><sec:password>B0C01BADEBA9C9C2FF5EDFF88C75406B</sec:password><sec:key>C0FFD3B0D08C87C8</sec:key><sec:userType>LOCAL</sec:userType><sec:groups><sec:groupName>SCHEDGRP</sec:groupName><sec:groupName>ADMINGRP</sec:groupName><sec:groupName>OPERGRP</sec:groupName><sec:groupName>EVERYONE</sec:groupName></sec:groups><sec:permissions/></sec:user>

    Anyone able to provide some insights the "sec:password" and "sec:key" tokens?  Or are there any other options to reset the password using command-line?

  • 2.  RE: Reset User Password using command-line

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 6 days ago
    If you use LDAP, then you don't need to reset password from DE side, see here.
    As of now, the password can only be reset from the Desktop Client for local users.

    Nitin Pande


  • 3.  RE: Reset User Password using command-line

    Posted 6 days ago
    OK, noted.  Looks like have to drop the idea of customizing password reset on command-line.

    Thanks for sharing, Nitin.