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Autosys role to view jobs but to not change their status.

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  • 1.  Autosys role to view jobs but to not change their status.

    Posted Jul 10, 2017 01:56 AM


    We have a monitoring team - their task is to view/monitor jobs for errors only. They shouldnt have access to change status of jobs or to edit them....

    I read all roles description, but I think they do not match my needs:


    • Console Operator
      The console operator is responsible for monitoring job streams, correcting minor errors that are resolved through forcing job status or through one-time overrides of data. The console operator also reports significant application errors to other operators and to the application owners. To complete these tasks, console operators use Monitoring to monitor the jobs for which they are responsible. Optionally, they may use Reporting to generate server statistics and job run activity reports. Console operators may also use Quick View to view the detailed properties for a particular job in the flow and Forecast to create reports that show jobs that started or that are scheduled to start during a specific time period.
    • Scheduler
      The scheduler is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the job definitions. The schedulers use Quick Edit and Application Editor to create, modify, and delete machines, jobs, calendars, and other job-related information such as constraints. Schedulers may also monitor job streams to make sure that they are running properly. Schedulers receive reports about problems with jobs that have already run, and they might need to review historical information to analyze and correct a job stream.
    • Supervisor
      The supervisor role performs all the tasks of a scheduler, and an additional level of tasks to help oversee and assist all the schedulers. The supervisor also performs other tasks such as defining job streams and monitoring views.
    • Administrator
      The administrator is responsible for configuring and maintaining the CA WCC environment. This includes defining the scheduling manager servers, configuring software-specific properties, and defining host connection links for mainframe systems (if applicable). System administrators may also be responsible for security, and for creating users and user groups assigned to specific roles. Also, the administrator can create tabs in CA WCC for external applications and instances.
    • Executive
      The executive, or manager, has a different needs compared to the other roles. The executive tasks include monitoring, at the highest level, the overall status of the scheduling managers operating in their area. They can use Reporting to generate and view reports. The executive also uses the Views widget to track the status of their views.
    • Security Administrator
      The security administrator is responsible for configuring and maintaining security, and creating users and user groups assigned to specific roles. The security administrator also creates and maintains policies for CA EEM.
    • Commander
      The commander is a superuser that is created as a convenience, and is a member of all the application groups


    Did I miss something? - thanks for help.

  • 2.  Re: Autosys role to view jobs but to not change their status.
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    Posted Jul 12, 2017 03:27 AM

    Hi Michal,


    You can create a custom application group and assign permissions as desired via the EEM UI.