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CA Workload Automation dSeries Edition (DE): Office Hours Transcript (March 12)

  • 1.  CA Workload Automation dSeries Edition (DE): Office Hours Transcript (March 12)

    Posted Mar 12, 2015 01:31 PM
      Lenn Thompson - CA :Good morning, @Pavel. We're going to get started in just a few minutes. Thanks for joining us today.



        Lenn Thompson - CA :Good morning, everyone. We're ready to get started so please just ask your questions here in the chat window and we'll get your answers!



       Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Mike Galloway thanks for joining the call



       Lenn Thompson - CA :@Mike @Rick @Pavel -- do you have any questions for our DE team this morning?



        Mike Galloway :Good morning, Is there an expected date to start the sprint demos for the new R12 release?



        Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Mike we have Sprint-2 on next Monday. we will send the invite tomorrow for that to all our Customer(s) registered for DE r12 project



        Mike Galloway :ok thanks



        Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Mike you are most welcome



       Mike Galloway :One other question. We are currently running R11.3 sp2 on both our manager and agents. If we apply SP3 to the Managers is it better to apply the sp3 or sp4 version to the Agents?



       Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Mike we have Agent R11.3 SP4 Incremental 1 latest available. We recommend you to get this applied in your environment as it has got all bug fixes and other enhancements.



        Mike Galloway :Thanks so just to verify there is no problem having the agents at a different SP level than the manager, correct?



        Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Mike there is no problem. we did tested the support and it works fine with latest Agent.



        Mike Galloway :Thanks. That is all the questions I have for today



       Lenn Thompson - CA :@Mike Thanks for joining and bringing some questions. Great stuff.



       Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Mike i would like to know if you have got any notification for Agent R11.3 SP4 Incremental -or- not.



        Mike Galloway :I don't remember a notification specifically for the R11.3 sp4 Incremental



        Lenn Thompson - CA :@Pavel and @Rick -- do you have any questions for the team?



        Pavel :no, thanks.



        Segun Oduntan - CA :@Mike You can checkout the wiki page for the Agent



        Mike Galloway :Thanks Segun, I will take a look at that page



       Rick P :my question has been answered. thnaks



        Lenn Thompson - CA :@Rick. Okay. Thanks.



        Lenn Thompson - CA :Just so the group is aware, we'll be posting the transcript of this chat out to the communities later today.



        Mike Galloway :Is posting the chat something that is done ech time? If so those listings could be a good source to check for questions/answers for questions we might have in the future as well.



       Lenn Thompson - CA :@Mike Yes. We always post the chat transcript after these sessions. Glad to hear you think they could be a good resource for you.



        Mike Galloway :Going back to the DE r12 release, will there be a process to upgrade existing R11.3 installs to the R12 version or will the R12 require a fresh install?



        Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Mike we are supporting an upgrade directly  DE R11.3 to DE r12 release. This is in-place upgrade feature



        Mike Galloway :Great. Thanks for all the details the team has provided during this session. I don't have anything else for today



       Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Mike we demonstrate this as part of our upcoming sprints



       Srinivasarao Kommineny :@Daniel thanks for joining the call. Please do let us know if you have any questions. Please post those in chat window.



        Daniel Chidgey :Have a question about dSeries and its hook up with Active directory . I have discovered that currently dSeries cannot see/allow for users defined with a minus '-' symbol as part of the name . Is there currently any plans to add functionality for this?



        Ramesh (CA) :@Daniel: You are right currently we don't support - in LDAP user names



       Lenn Thompson - CA :We have just a couple minutes left before we need to shut the session down. Are there any other questions?




    Ramesh (CA) :@Daniel : so in your LDAP environment, do you have user login-names/userid having - ?



        Daniel Chidgey :@Ramesh - I am aware of this but I am working on a JMO conversion project and there administrators are identified by '-adm' as part of the user names.



        Ramesh (CA) :@Daniel : Just to be sure that -adm is login-name but not UserName ?



        Ramesh (CA) :for instance i login to my network using pokra01/pass



       Ramesh (CA) :where as my name is "Rmaesh pokala"



       Daniel Chidgey :@Ramesh a typical user would be 'T12345' if the user has been given admin rights his login would be 'T12345-adm'



        Ramesh (CA) :@Daniel : for login i need to use only pokra01



       Ramesh (CA) :@Daniel : ok, got you, we don't support as of date



       Daniel Chidgey :@Ramesh - Okay , I can raise this as an idea on CA Communities , I believe the customer will push for this.



        Lenn Thompson - CA :@Daniel Yes. Please do put it out on the community as an Idea. That way other customers can comment and vote on it.



        Segun Oduntan - CA :@Daniel Yes please do. Thank you!



        Daniel Chidgey :@Lenn Thanks will do , That was my only question. Thanks for your time all



        Lenn Thompson - CA :That's it for today. Thanks for joining us. We'll post this in the community later today.

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    Posted Mar 12, 2015 02:13 PM

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