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TFS Work Item Connector Proxy

  • 1.  TFS Work Item Connector Proxy

    Posted 12-24-2019 05:50 AM

    Im wondering if its possible to run the TFS work item connector through a proxy?

    I have taken a look within the connection.rb and can see that that appears to be able to accept proxy details as per below.

    def read_config(config)
    @user = config.getItem("User")
    @password = config.getItem("Password")
    @artifact_type = config.getItem("ArtifactType").downcase.intern
    @proxy_url = config.getItem("ProxyURL")
    @proxy_user = config.getItem("ProxyUser")
    @proxy_password = config.getItem("ProxyPassword")

    Where would this information be placed within the config ?