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Update - New Rally UI: Recent changes & What's to come (5/20/2020)

  • 1.  Update - New Rally UI: Recent changes & What's to come (5/20/2020)

    Posted 05-20-2020 05:56 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to share a list of recent changes, as well as work that we have in-flight and that is coming soon:


    • [Accessibility] Improvement to keyboard access and labels
    • [Capacity Planning] 'Select Teams' to offer hierarchical project picker
      • Project picker now displays projects in a hierarchical structure with the option to multi-select via SHIFT+CLICK. This will greatly improve the creation of new Capacity Plans for larger organizations.               
    Capacity Planning - hierarchical project picker

    • [Add Child|Add Peer] Optimize UX flow when multiple peers or children get added
      • This change was added to our toolbar in general with the goal to improve multi-add from list views when a single work item is selected
    Add Child | Add Peer: multi-add

    • [Expand All] Prototype for new Rally UI - Iteration Status page
      • Started limited beta
      • Spike work started to find a holistic solution for Expand All on all list views
    • [Pickers] Performance improvements of pickers (e.g. parent picker, link existing)
      • State: limited beta for final validation
    • [FDP|QDP] Update editors to new styles
    • [Test Set] Allow filtering by Test Folder only (no other filters necessary) when using 'Link Existing' to add Test Cases
    Test Set: Associate Test Cases

    • [List View] Display of Rich Text fields on list view
    • [Owner Filter] Update Filter by Owner: only Iteration Status to work differently
      • Iteration Status will continue to return work items where the filtered owner owns a child. This matches the functionality of the old Rally UI.
      • All other pages: Only return work items for the owner a user is filtering on
    • [Portfolio Items] Warnings for % done: do not warn on Percent Done by Story Count 'when there are missing plan estimates on child stories'
    • [Tasks|Defects] Allow for roll-ups when using group by 
    • [Tasks] Add 'estimates' roll-up to tasks list view
    • [User Stories - New Rally UI only] Improvements to User Stories page for organizations that leverage user story hierarchy (nested user stories)
      • Data will be displayed in flat, list view once filters are applied 
      • Spike work is in flight to determine a path forward to show filtered data in a hierarchical view
      • The old User Stories page will stay available for now

      Coming Soon (looking ahead by one Iteration)

      • [Collection Editors] Create new collection 'in-context' editors
      • [List Views & Collections] Persist expanded hierarchy and row position when a user navigates to full-page editor and back
      • [List View] Ability to SHIFT+SELECT to select a row range and update styling for selected rows
      • [List View] Inline edit of rich-text field
      • [List View] Address issues with column limits
        • Enable users to add more columns than 20 columns to their list views
        • If a user selects more than 'X' columns for their display, we will limit the number of rows that can be displayed
        • We will post in the community with more information closer to the release.
      • [Saved Views] Improve user experience
        • We will post in the community with more information closer to the release.

      Please reach out if you have any questions.


      Andrea & The Rally Product Team

      Product Manager
      Rally Software