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Test Case Author and Tester

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  • 1.  Test Case Author and Tester

    Posted 01-16-2017 08:12 AM

    I am looking for a way to report off of who created Test Cases and who ran Test Cases.  I cannot use the "Owner" field, but need to use the "Author" on the TC and the "Tester" on the results.  Is there any way to easily pull this information?

  • 2.  Re: Test Case Author and Tester
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 01-19-2017 08:26 AM

    Donna, getting at the author or creator of a work item is tricky and requires using the Lookback API. For an individual test case you can always find the author in revision history but you can't readily report on it so for now Owner is your best alternative. I know that you said that you could not use this field but if the business need is important enough then you might consider a process change. There's an entry in Idea Manager to add a Created By field for work items at https://ideas.rallydev.com/ideas/D2139  so I'd suggest you add your voice there. Thanks.