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Use Authscheme for redirect only

  • 1.  Use Authscheme for redirect only

    Posted 07-23-2021 10:19 AM
    Would it cause undo stress on a Policy Server if I used an authscheme specifically for a redirect to an Okta Login page? Currently Siteminder is our main service for authentication and authorization in our system. But we are working on adopting a new MFA layer using Okta. In this setup Okta will handle the AuthN and MFA with a SAML passthrough to Siteminder which will issue the SMsession cookie and manage the the user sessions.

    So would it bog down the policy server if we used an authscheme to handle the redirect in this instance? Or is there a better way to handle this with Siteminder?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to answer this post.


    Brian Jones