Layer 7 Access Management

  • 1.  webagent dns

    Posted 9 days ago
    We have siteminder policy servers in AWS. In the HCO and SmHost.conf we are using the FQDN of the policy servers. IP associated with the FQDN changes everytime we destroy the policy server and recreate a new one. The New Server has the same FQDN but the IP is new. When this happens webagent does not conenct to the new servers.

    It appears that webagent only do the dns look up of the policy server hostname when started and after that it only tries to connect using the IP's even though it has lost the conenction.

    Is there any way to force webagent to do a dns lookup and connect to the new policy servers?

    Also, are there any issues using NLB between webagent and policy server?