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Sample code for smencode/smdecode (javascript & java versions)

  • 1.  Sample code for smencode/smdecode (javascript & java versions)

    Posted 08-13-2019 11:04 AM
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    Attached is updated smencode/ smdecode routine, java and javascript versions.

    The sample code got deleted from the "Idea"  - so adding this again - and will add link from the Idea back to here.

    This method does a slight improvement on smencode where "%" is encoded as "%25" rather than "-%".  It is 100% compatible with normal sm decode and friendlier when passed through some urlencode/decode layers.

    There is java version, and now (thanks to Parul) now a javascript version :

    Link to the Idea / Enhancement Request :   Idea Details

    Discussion where former code is retained: Layer7 Access Management

    Cheers - Mark