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GA Announcement for CA Advanced Authentication 9.1

  • 1.  GA Announcement for CA Advanced Authentication 9.1

    Posted 07-01-2019 08:48 AM

    Dear CA Advanced Authentication Customers,


    The CA Advanced Authentication Product Team is pleased to announce the general availability of its release version 9.1.


    Please find the link to GA announcement for the CA Advanced Authentication 9.1.  


    For a quick overview of the release watch the video, or read the release notes.

    For more details of installation, upgrade and any details related to release read the documentation.


    CA Advanced Authentication 9.1 includes:


    1. REST APIs for Health Monitoring

    Ability to monitor Advanced Authentication components and services using a new set of REST APIs to monitor the health of components, namely Strong Authentication, Risk Authentication, Case Management, UDS and Database, by providing running status, Sequence Count Left and generating alerts.


    1. Support AlwaysOn Feature for Microsoft SQL Server

    Supports AlwaysOn Availability Group feature of MSSQL Server 2016. With this feature customers can achieve high availability and disaster recovery, which is provided by Microsoft SQL Server.


    1. REST API to delete a custom user attribute

    Provides new Webservices API and REST API to delete the custom user attribute.


    1. Enhanced Database Trimming Tool and Reports

    Supports improved scheduling and configuration of database trimming tool for managing archiving of Audit and Archive Tables. Reports are improved to retrieve data from the Audit Table and Archive Table as a union.


    1. Improved Database Connection Pool

    Improved ability to manage the DB connection pool, both when in heavy load and low load, by reducing the database connection pool to the minimum.


    1. Localization Support of CA Adapter

    CA Adapter now supports French, Spanish, Italian, B-Portuguese, German and Japanese languages for CA Single Sign-On and SAML flows.


    1. Proxy configuration support in CA Adapter

    Support for CA Advanced Authentication credentials when proxy server is implemented by improved configurations in CA Adapter.


    1. Consolidated Issue Fixes

    This release contains defect fixes found since the last release. For the complete list of fixed issues please refer to the documentation.


    The product team has announced the End of Service for CA Advanced Authentication 9.0 and its Service Pack r9.0.01 and r9.0.02. Please find link to EOS announcement.


    If you have any question please reach out to the Product Team.


    Thank you,

    CA Advanced Authentication Product Team

    CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company