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SMSESSION query on SAML to WebAgent based SSO

  • 1.  SMSESSION query on SAML to WebAgent based SSO

    Posted 07-05-2019 07:28 AM

    Trying to achieve SSO between SAML and Webagent approach.

    Journey would start from user logging in to IDP (Any SAML 2.0 complaint product) and posting a SAML token with user attribute to SP (CA Federation Manager), on user validation @ SP end, user to be taken to a different Application dashboard(This Application is protected by CA Single Sign on).

    In SAML token, user attribute would be say user_id which is then validated in local user store @ SM end, based on which SMSESSION created for SAML journey. However, for webagent approach it is a different attribute say email id is used as a key parameter where authentication/validation happens based on which SMSESSION is created / updated.

    Query is SMSESSION created against user_id using SAML approach, can this validated against email id. Please consider the DB remains same for both the approach based on which SMSESSION is populated.


    Ramya Vijayakumar.