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  • 1.  eSSO

    Posted 08-20-2019 03:40 AM
    Hello Team,

    We have some issues with eSSO in our environment.

    Applications are not available (seen) to users in eSSO even after the group assignment.

    Shahbaz Shaikh

  • 2.  RE: eSSO

    Posted 08-20-2019 03:48 AM
    Please assist on above.

  • 3.  RE: eSSO

    Posted 08-21-2019 02:11 AM
    Hi Shahbaz,

    What is the error message in the browser ?

    Best Regards,

  • 4.  RE: eSSO

    Posted 08-22-2019 05:31 AM
    Hi Patrick,

    Good day.

    There is no browser related issue here. As i said the issue is with eTrustSSO (for thick client apllication).
    After applying group assignment to users where we decide what all applications users can see access through eTrustSSO launch bar, still applications are not displayed in launch bar to users as per their group assignment.

    Regards & Thanks,

  • 5.  RE: eSSO

    Posted 08-26-2019 01:54 AM
    Hi Patrick,

    Any solution guidance?

    Shahbaz Shaikh

  • 6.  RE: eSSO
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-26-2019 02:13 AM
    Hi Neetu,

    Unfortunatly, I was thinking about Siteminder. I don't know this eSSO
    product and I think it is not supported anymore. I let someone else
    to guide you in that.

    Best Regards,

  • 7.  RE: eSSO

    Posted 08-27-2019 07:56 AM
    Edited by ROBERT MARTI 08-27-2019 08:03 AM

    You are correct.  eTrust eSSO was end of lifed years ago.  I am not sure if there are any resources left who know this product.


  • 8.  RE: eSSO

    Posted 08-26-2019 06:43 AM
    Hi Team,

    Can anybody assist me on this?

    Shahbaz Shaikh