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DB Connection close/reset error in IDM logs

  • 1.  DB Connection close/reset error in IDM logs

    Posted 12-06-2016 08:58 AM

    Product - CA IDM 12.6 SP8

    Application Sever - IBM WebSphere

    DB version - Microsoft SQL Server 2012



    We have recently upgraded our CA IDM from 12.6 SP2 to 12.6 SP8 and also upgraded DB from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to 2012 we are seeing this error too often in IDM logs. Some end users are facing issues intermittently because of this error. 

    Error Message: 

    00000116 ConnectionEve A J2CA0056I: The Connection Manager received a fatal connection error from the Resource Adapter for resource iam/im/jdbc/jdbc/idm. The exception is: Connection reset
    ERROR [ims.tmt.persistence] PersistenceProvider: JMS:ID:6e121808839db3f1ee13153f110a134f000000000000bbc9: fetchObjectById: tried '3' times, exception getting object by id: d01e995f-0abf034c-2d66efdd-0f95aeed DSRA9110E: Connection is closed.


    Is there any way to fix this issue? Your comments will be highly appreciated.