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  • 1.  Siteminder adminui installation failed

    Posted Apr 28, 2017 02:49 PM

    Hello Everyone,


    I am installing Siteminder Adminui in linux environment. I am able to run pre-req installer successfully, after when i tried to run the adminui installer i am getting this error and forcing me to abort it.


    Error that I am getting:


    Installation Failed
    The CA SiteMinder Administrative UI installation failed because a required
    component failed to install. For more information, see the log files
    (CA_IAM_Suite_InstallLog.log, caiamsuite.log) at one of the following
    "/opt/SiteMinder/siteminder/adminui/SiteMinder" "Desktop/User Home Directory".
    Installation will now exit.
    1- Abort

    Please select a choice: 1



    Siteminder adminui installer version:

    Linux OS version: RHEL 5.11 x86 64


    Installation file names:

    • adminui-pre-req-12.52-sp01-cr05-linux.bin
    • ca-adminui-12.52-sp01-cr05-linux.bin


    I am also uploading the log files. Can someone please help me in resolving this issue?


    Thank you,



    zip   2 KB 1 version

  • 2.  Re: Siteminder adminui installation failed
    Best Answer

    Posted Apr 30, 2017 06:53 PM

    Hi Naveen,


    Please try uninstalling the Admin UI with the following steps and re-install it again:


    1. Uninstall the Pre-Requisites
    2. Remove the following registry files:
    3.  Re-install WAM UI

  • 3.  Re: Siteminder adminui installation failed

    Posted Apr 30, 2017 07:53 PM

    Hi Naveen,


    If the install still doesn't work after the cleanup as per Kelly's suggestion, I would request you to generate the debug logs from installer.


    You can do so by executing following before running the installer:

    IBM How to debug InstallAnywhere when installing Connect Java based products - United States 

    export LAX_DEBUG=file


    Once the install is complete a file labeled jx.log will be generated in the same directory as your installer. This file will contain the entire debug output generated by the install.

    Please upload this log file.




  • 4.  Re: Siteminder adminui installation failed

    Posted May 01, 2017 10:35 AM



    I tried re-installing of AdminUI and it worked. Thank you guys.