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Deploy Legacy Federation Using the Sample Application

  • 1.  Deploy Legacy Federation Using the Sample Application

    Posted 12-14-2015 09:46 AM


    I'm trying to create a Legacy Federation Sample application  with reference to below CA bookshelf

    CA SiteMinder® Integrated Documents 12.52


    But stilll above link is not clear. I use below setting and all done in Linux .


    Webserver -Apache

    App server - jboss which comes with  Administrative UI Prerequisite Installer for Linux

    User and policy store - ODSEE


    Seem in  CA bookshelf siteminder bookshelf ,given only based on IIS and app server using ServletExec. How to configure incase if its apache and Jboss.


    Also not sure  Adding a virtual directory mapping . I done Mapping URLs to filesystem Location but it didnt work as index.jsp file is unable to execute  . Also try to do reverse proxy with jboss but still no luck . Please suggest any alternate way to fix this .