DX Operational Intelligence

  • 1.  DocOps Migration

    Posted 10-30-2019 04:50 AM
    Hello everyone,

    Technical documentation for DX Operational Intelligence has been released on our new documentation platform - techdocs.broadcom.com.

    Here's the link to the latest release documentation:

    Any large enterprise product documentation migration comes with a few challenges. Our documentation team is working hard to ensure that you face minimal disruption.

    Some of the things that you need to be aware of the new site:

    • You cannot comment directly on the site to provide feedback on our documentation. The commenting capability will be added to our new platform over the next few weeks. We will share the email ID shortly for you to communicate with us on any issues that you may encounter.
    • You cannot export content to PDF. This functionality will also be added to the platform over the next few weeks.
    • Localized documentation will continue to be available on the DocOps site, while we're working on added them to our new platform.
    • We are working on improving our search experience as well and you will experience improvements in search results over the next few weeks.

    Thanks for your continued support to our endeavors!