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CA Nim and ServiceNOW

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  • 1.  CA Nim and ServiceNOW

    Posted 11-13-2019 12:12 PM
    We are trying to utilize Nimadmin gateway in our SOI 4.2 environment but are having issues with our SOI user permissions.  Our ServiceNow admin would like to know what role collections or what specific roles does the soi-integration_user, our user in EEM that we are utilizing, need to be able to create incidents in servicenow.  It works when we give that user admin rights in ServiceNow.  However our ServiceNow admin sees that as a security risk and would rather give the user less authority\permissions.  Any thoughts?

    Maria Maier

  • 2.  RE: CA Nim and ServiceNOW
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    Posted 11-14-2019 05:06 AM
    Hello Maria,

    The user should be able to communicate with ServiceNow web services with Required role = "soap", and be able to query, create, update, and delete records on all tables, as well as execute scripts


  • 3.  RE: CA Nim and ServiceNOW

    Posted 11-14-2019 09:45 AM
    Thank you all for your help.  We have it working now!!