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*UPDATE* - Important & Urgent: Java Certificate for CA SOI - All Patches are Available

  • 1.  *UPDATE* - Important & Urgent: Java Certificate for CA SOI - All Patches are Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 12, 2016 01:59 PM


    Dear CA Customer:


    The CA SOI OneClick Java Certificate is going to expire on October 16th 2016. CA SOI OneClick console is impacted and won’t launch after this date.


    Patches for the remaining CA SOI version (3.3) has been made available today (10/13) on the CA support portal.



    To solve this upcoming issue, Patches including the new Java Cert are now available here for:

    • CA SOI 4.0 CU1
    • CA SOI 4.0
    • CA SOI 3.3 CU2
    • CA SOI 3.3 CU1
    • CA SOI 3.3



    Customers on CA SOI 3.2 CU3 will need to upgrade to the latest (CA SOI 4.0 CU1) and apply the Java Cert patch for CA SOI 4.0 CU1 (available here) .


    The new certificate will expire 8th of March 2019. We will proactively inform you earlier before this date.

    If you are unable to install one of the patches, in order to launch the CA SOI OneClick console, you will need to update/change your Java client settings:


    Suggested workarounds (Java version dependent):

    1.      For Java 1.7 version
    • Add the CA SOI OneClick URL into the “Exception Site List” in the Java Control Panel to work around the issue.


    • Modify the security setting to MEDIUM in the Java Control Panel.


    1.      For Java 1.8 version
    • Delete your Browser Cache
    • Open Java Settings
    • Go to Advanced
    • Select “Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)” in section “Check for signed code certificate revocation using”
    • Click OK
    • Launch the console...a “Security Warning” window will appear, please Accept and click the “Run” button.


    PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY NEEDS TO BE DONE ON THE CLIENT MACHINE (SOI Managers, Container, Report Server can all remain the same - on the HIGH/VERY_HIGH security setting)


    Thank you,