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We want you to help improve the Customer Experience

  • 1.  We want you to help improve the Customer Experience

    Posted 12-09-2014 12:55 PM

    SOI Community,


    CA Support is on a journey to improve the customer experience. As part of this journey they will be leveraging the communities to get feedback not only on their current Support offerings and the value they provide, but also to determine new Support offerings that would provide value to you and other customers.  I would encourage you to read this blog article by william.loikets


    Improving the Customer Experience


    It is through this article, that you will be able to respond and engage in numerous polls and discussions.   Topics range from: 'What channel do you prefer when engaging with support?' to 'How long do you feel you should be able to view your support case online once closed'.    These are only a few examples.  


    Also, we will be having an Office Hours event this Friday where you can interact with the CA Support Team and ask any questions via a webex chat.  We hope to see you there.