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  • 1.  WS-MAN connector "status"

    Posted 01-08-2015 01:34 PM

    Hi all!

    Here at my company we are using WS-MAN WebServices to create custom elements and alerts. As it is specified in documentation, it is necessary to specify an "MdrProduct" and "MdrProdInstance", that will compose the Source of the element/alert being created.

    After creating it, a connector is automatically created in SOI to "host" these elements. For instance:

        <usm-core:ApplicationServer xmlns:usm-core="http://ns.ca.com/2009/07/usm-core">

    Will create a connector called CA:09996@server.sicredi.com but it will stay Offline and Policies can't be created to offline connectors.


    Anyone knows how can I turn this connector Online?