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Universal Connector issues: Created a Ci called: instanceID ?

  • 1.  Universal Connector issues: Created a Ci called: instanceID ?

    Posted 07-03-2014 06:52 PM

    I'm following the documentation in the connector guide, page 74.

    I'm testing out creating 1 service:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>



      <property tag="eventType" value="AddService" />

      <property tag="MdrElementID" value="AlphaserveClientPool" />

      <property tag="className" value="Service" />

      <property tag="ServiceName" value="AlphaserveSvcName" />

      <property tag="Description" value="Alphaserve Description" />

      <property tag="AdministrativeStatus" value="Managed" />




    When I run the import command, it seems to work:

    D:\APPS\CA\SOI>GCEventAddCmd.bat -hlocalhost:7090 -fd:\uct\Create_ServiceServiceTags.xml

    Executing GCEventAddCmd .....

    GCEventAddCmd() - adding service: AlphaserveClientPool

    Return code: 0


    but when I check the service modeler, it comes up displayed as "instanceID" ?

    The Description & Administrative Status got filled in correctly but DevideID, InstanceID, Label, ServiceName all got: instanceID

    This is SOIv3.1.


    I also tried with instanceID filled in but I wasn't able to delete Ci's that I created with this property filled in. I had to manually delete them from the database using Delete From CIStaging where ....

    So i am using the MdrElementID as the UUID for the service CI.


    The old 3.1 gc_serviceadd.xml example uses the following code:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>



      <property tag="eventType" value="AddService" />

      <property tag="instanceID" value="UC_Service"/>

      <property tag="className" value="SA_Service" />

      <property tag="deviceID" value="UC_Service" />

      <property tag="severity" value="0" />

      <property tag="situationMessage" value="Adding a new Service" />



    When in the newest SOI v3.2 example universalAdd_Service.xml it uses this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



      <property tag="eventType" value="AddCIEvent" />

      <property tag="MdrElementID" value="MyService" />

      <property tag="className" value="Service" />

      <property tag="Label" value="MyService" />

      <property tag="Description" value="Description of an new Service" />

      <property tag="AdministrativeStatus" value="Managed" />

      <property tag="ServiceName" value="MyService" />

      <property tag="ServiceVersion" value="1" />




    Which tag should be used; Events or Services?

  • 2.  Re: Universal Connector issues: Created a Ci called: instanceID ?

    Posted 07-03-2014 06:58 PM

    BTW, does anyone know where are the log files for the UC located?

  • 3.  Re: Universal Connector issues: Created a Ci called: instanceID ?

    Posted 10-29-2014 04:58 PM

    Did you ever get an answer to this? Or did you figure it out?

    We are trying to do the same thing, and we are asking these same questions.




  • 4.  Re: Universal Connector issues: Created a Ci called: instanceID ?

    Posted 10-30-2014 10:29 AM

    Hi Brian, no never got an answer but I did figure it out with SOI v3.2 and CUM3 I have applied. CUM3 did have a few fixes for the UC which I see did improve the stability of UC.

    Example I was testing the UC and threw 3 alerts one right after another and only 1 alert was thrown onto the CI I created. The other two went into an abyss of lost alerts. After the CUM3 patch all 3 got picked up.


    Here is the XML code I am using that works fine:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>


      <Event>  <!-- Test machine for testing in house LabTech -->

      <property tag="eventType" value="AddCIEvent" />

      <property tag="MdrElementID" value="LABTECH1732" />

      <property tag="className" value="ComputerSystem" />

      <property tag="Label" value="as_nyclab_srv01" />

      <property tag="Description" value="Test CI Created for LabTech" />

      <property tag="AdministrativeStatus" value="Managed" />

      <property tag="Vendor" value="VMware" />

      <property tag="ComputerName" value="as_nyclab_srv01" />

      <property tag="SysName" value="as_nyclab_srv01" />




    Then threw alerts against using:


    D:\APPS\CA\SOI>GCEventAddCmd -h10.244.10.34:7090 -aLABTECH1732DISK -iLABTECH1732 -sCritical -tLABTECH -m"High DISK Usage on Labtech 1732"

    D:\APPS\CA\SOI>GCEventAddCmd -h10.244.10.34:7090 -aLABTECH1732MEM -iLABTECH1732 -sCritical -tLABTECH -m"High MEM Usage on Labtech 1732"

    D:\APPS\CA\SOI>GCEventAddCmd -h10.244.10.34:7090 -aLABTECH1732CPU -iLABTECH1732 -sCritical -tLABTECH -m"High CPU Usage on Labtech 1732"


    To clear:

    D:\APPS\CA\SOI>GCEventAddCmd -h10.244.10.34:7090 -aLABTECH1732CPU -iLABTECH1732 -sNormal -tLABTECH -m"High CPU Usage on Labtech 1732 Normal"

    D:\APPS\CA\SOI>GCEventAddCmd -h10.244.10.34:7090 -aLABTECH1732MEM -iLABTECH1732 -sNormal -tLABTECH -m"High MEM Usage on Labtech 1732"

    D:\APPS\CA\SOI>GCEventAddCmd -h10.244.10.34:7090 -aLABTECH1732DISK -iLABTECH1732 -sNormal -tLABTECH -m"Normal Disk Usage on Labtech 1732"

  • 5.  Re: Universal Connector issues: Created a Ci called: instanceID ?

    Posted 10-31-2014 09:39 AM

    I used the GCEventAddCommand and I was able to see the services I created via USM view. Part of my problem was a misunderstanding of the Universal connector. I was expecting to be able to add a service directly to the interface – whereas the Universal connector seems to act as a separate but controllable source of data… and like other connectors (eg Spectrum), you build services in SOI that rely on CIs from those data sources.







  • 6.  Re: Universal Connector issues: Created a Ci called: instanceID ?

    Posted 11-04-2014 06:16 AM

    Hi Brian,

    you can create a Service that appears directly in the Console.  Use the example provided in the file universalAdd_ServiceModel.xml.  You have to provide the full definition of Service, CIs, and Relationships.

    The Service, all CIs and the Relationships are created and the Service appears in the console (after a short moment).

    If you use the


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



       <property tag="eventType" value="AddService" />

       <property tag="MdrElementID" value="UCService"/>

       <property tag="className" value="Service" />

       <property tag="ServiceName" value="UCService" />

       <property tag="ServiceVersion" value="0" />           

       <property tag="Description" value="Adding a new Service" />           

       <property tag="AdministrativeStatus" value="Managed" />



      <property tag="eventType" value="AddCI" />

      <property tag="MdrElementID" value="UCServer" />

      <property tag="className" value="ComputerSystem" />

      <property tag="Label" value="UCServer" />

      <property tag="Description" value="Description of a new ComputerSystem" />

      <property tag="AdministrativeStatus" value="Managed" />

      <property tag="Vendor" value="Dell" />

      <property tag="PrimaryDnsName" value="" />

      <property tag="ComputerName" value="UCServer" />

      <property tag="MemoryInGB" value="1024" />

      <property tag="CIuserAttribute1" value="Attr1"/>

      <property tag="CIuserAttribute2" value="Attr2"/>

      <property tag="CIuserAttribute3" value="Attr3"/>

      <property tag="CIuserAttribute4" value="Attr4"/>

      <property tag="CIuserAttribute5" value="Attr5"/>



    <property tag="eventType" value="AddRelationship" />

    <property tag="SourceMdrElementID" value="UCService" />

    <property tag="TargetMdrElementID" value="UCServer" />

    <property tag="ScopeMdrElementID" value="UCService" />

    <property tag="Semantic" value="HasMember" />

    <property tag="className" value="BinaryRelationship" />           





    And to Dave:

    Yes, there was a bug in the Universal Connector logic to only accept one input file during the specified pollInterval (see Connector Configuration, default 30s).  This was fixed.


    Regarding logs:

    There are no special logs for the Universal Connector.  The GCEventAddCmd.bat issues a command (which returns with RC=0 unless you have the syntax wrong) - it does not perform any validation of the data provided in the contents of the options or xml-file, if this makes sense to SOI.

    You can activate the IFW debugging and follow (like for all other connectors) what this Connector is doing with the provided input.