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Add New button on custom kanban

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  • 1.  Add New button on custom kanban

    Posted 10-25-2019 03:46 PM
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    We are finding that on our custom kanbans, users don't have the Add New button (for creating new stories) at the top of the kanban unless they are an admin of that project. Is that intended? If so, why? Is there a way to get that on there for those users without them being admins?

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    Posted 10-29-2019 09:00 AM
    @Emily Roseborough that's not the intended behavior. Any user with Editor permission or higher can add work items for that team (project). Have you confirmed that the affected users are Editors and not Viewers? If users with Editor can't add work items then there's an issue of some sort, so you'll want to dig deeper there. Hope that helps.

    Eric Nash
    Principal Agile Consultant
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