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Changes to Idea and Feedback Submissions for Rally

  • 1.  Changes to Idea and Feedback Submissions for Rally

    Posted 10-25-2019 01:58 PM

    Hello Rally Users!

    In an effort to consolidate product feedback and product ideas for Rally, starting next week, we're asking that all users submit their ideas and feedback directly through Rally's feedback tools. Therefore, on Oct 31, we will be shutting down the Rally Idea Manager (ideas.rallydev.com).

    To submit your feedback, you can use the megaphone icons on each page or use the drop-down menu below your profile image.

    In-app feedback provides a single channel for you to communicate with our product and engineering teams and helps ensure that your ideas are adequately addressed in a timely manner.

    We also recognize the importance of product conversations, and encourage you use this product community forum to continue the lively debates and idea discussions

    A few questions that have come up are:

    Q. When will the Idea Manager site shut down?
    A. We will stop accepting new idea submissions on Oct 31, 2019.

    Q. What about all of the ideas that were already submitted there?
    A. We will be bringing all of the existing ideas, discussions, and votes into our new feedback tools to ensure all of those valuable ideas are not lost. These new tools will allow us to better manage the feedback coming in, identify themes and trends, and ensure we're building the right solutions to meet your needs.

    Q. Why are we deciding to shut down Idea Manager?
    A. Over the past few years, the number of channels for our users to connect with our product and engineering teams has increased significantly. While the Idea Manager served us well, we're looking to focus those channels to ensure all ideas are evaluated equally. Checking multiple systems (in-app feedback, Idea Manager, emails, research and UX studies, customer meetings, sales team input, etc.) has become difficult for us to manage.

    Q. Do you really read the in-app feedback?
    A. Yes, we do. While the volume of feedback we receive means we can't always respond to each of you individually, the ideas and suggested submitted from within Rally get sent to our entire product team and our engineering leadership. It also gets captured in some home-grown and third party tools that help us analyze trends, identify critical issues, and help our teams make the right updates.

    Q. Can we send positive feedback?
    A. Yes! We love hearing how small changes made your day. Or how large changes or new features changed how you run your agile organizations. Drop us a note when we delight you and it'll make our day, too.

    Q, How do I submit feedback or suggestions within Rally?
    A. Use the megaphone icons on each page or the Submit Feedback menu option in the top navigation bar.

    We look forward to receiving your feedback and engaging with you on the Communities site.

    The Rally Product Team


    Product Manager | Rally Software

  • 2.  RE: Changes to Idea and Feedback Submissions for Rally

    Posted 10-25-2019 02:18 PM
    Thank you for sharing this important update with the community Matt!

    Chris Hackett
    Community Manager, Broadcom Enterprise Software Division
    Broadcom Inc.