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Event-Rule-Actions email notification using custom fields

  • 1.  Event-Rule-Actions email notification using custom fields

    Posted 2 days ago
    I am trying to configure an Event-Rule-Action in Service Catalog to send an email notification, but I need it to take a dynamic value that isnt part of the stock parameters. Im aware that I can plug in a specific value into the To: field. The only relevant variables that I can find for a destination email are $req_by_user_id$ and $req_for_user_id$. Is it possible to grab the value from a custom field on the form to plug in?

    e.g. A selector with 'Who is the person that needs to receive an email?' that sets a user id in a hidden field.

    I see that there is a JSON object of objects containing all the fields and their values...but 1. the key value is an integer that changes every time and 2. i dont see a way to actually employ javascript to get to that value. I could write a PAM process to make this happen but that seems laborious and adding unnecessary complexity. I am one value away, but i dont see how to pull it into an Event/Rule/Action. Any help would be much appreciated.