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"Machine Name" on incident form

  • 1.  "Machine Name" on incident form

    Posted 15 days ago
    How are others solving for capturing machine name/workstation ID on incident records?

    Our Service Desk uses Quick Profile at the beginning of the call to search for the end user and find the correct computer CI/asset tied to the individual, capture notes in scratchpad, then create the incident if required. Among other things, this copies the user's machine asset to the Configuration Item field on the Incident form. But by process, we desire the CI field to reflect the CI that the issue is primarily on. For instance, if an end user is having a problem with Outlook, we want the CI to be Outlook. That said, we still want to capture the correct machine name in case someone within support needs to remotely access the machine to troubleshoot or correct the issue (there are many individuals with multiple machines tied to them, so support needs the correct one).

    Our solution was going to involve creating a custom field on the incident form to separately house that machine asset ID. Would there be a way to populate that custom field instead of the CI field from Quick Profile? Do you have other solutions for this?

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    Posted 13 days ago
    Edited by Lindsay Estabrooks 13 days ago
    Hi Dan,

    Is the population of the Incident affected_resource (Configuration Item) from the Quick Profile an Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) function or something you have customized in your environment? I don't think I have ever seen it. What happens if a user has multiple machines associated with their contact record?


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  • 3.  RE: "Machine Name" on incident form

    Posted 10 days ago
    Latest update from our developer team. They don't believe it was customized (there has been turnover/retirements over the years so some knowledge of previous work may be lost) and they understand how to configure it to populate the new field. So I think the technical part is resolved for us, but I don't have the details on how it works to share.

    To your question, if there are multiple machines associated to their contact record, it populates based on the one that the Service Desk chooses in the Environment list.

    How it works currently for us: Search and select the contact in Quick Profile. From there open a new incident. The incident is created and populated in a new browser window. If you go back to the original window and select a machine from the Environment list, the incident record's CI field is populated in the other window. Curious if this is OOTB? Also curious how others handle this.

  • 4.  RE: "Machine Name" on incident form

    Posted 9 days ago
    I can somehow remember, that this is an ootb functionality. Anyway, I just had the following idea: How about
    implementing a trigger, that would move the cr.affected_resource  to a customized attribute on an insert event for tickets.
    This would be the most simplest approach, with very less effort, to handle your issue? Would that make sense for you ?

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