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SDM Mobile - does not connect over DMZ

  • 1.  SDM Mobile - does not connect over DMZ

    Posted 11-26-2019 06:22 AM
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    Good Day 

    I need some assistance troubleshooting an issue with mobile across a DMZ. When the 2x App, Background & Standby servers reside on the same network, it connects via the REST 8050 port. But as soon as the App2 server is moved to a DMZ, it cannot connect. 

    Went through steps to isolate specific errors and behaviours based on logs and behaviour. We have resolved some of the errors that I picked up and the last bit of advice was to use EEM. The customer has now implemented EEM and the errors have changed again. This is what I think is causing the issues but I am unsure and also unsure what is causing this: 

    11/25 12:44:56.776 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO RestContextListener 191 CAisd-REST context has been destroyed
    11/25 12:44:56.776 [Thread-2] DEBUG SDMPropertyWatchdog 270 Thread sleep interrupted.
    11/25 12:44:56.776 [Thread-2] DEBUG SDMPropertyWatchdog 272 Thread up. Going to check and configure log4j.
    11/25 12:44:56.776 [Thread-2] DEBUG SDMPropertyWatchdog 275 thread stopping.
    11/25 12:44:57.183 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO ContextLoader 194 Root WebApplicationContext: initialization started

    We are now tasked to find why Mobile won't work and I running out options and advise. Issue is rather pressing so any and all advice and suggestions would be appreciated. 

    Have tried to run the following: 


    but it does not connect. On the GUI the error is now blank after adding EEM into the mix. Will gather the EEM logs and check what I can see there. REST logging not giving much to work from. 

    Anyone who can advise, please?