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  • 1.  Stored Query limit by logged user access_type or role?

    Posted 5 days ago

    Hi all,

    I have a request to limit xf_VIP stored query by access_type or role of currently logged user in xflow.

    Where Clause:
    customer.[contact]cnthandling_list.special_handling IN (1001) AND active = 1

    Is that possible? Tried adding "AND @cnt.access_type IN (10002)" but getting AHD05800:Bad where clause. **** constraint. Check data types of referenced attributes.




  • 2.  RE: Stored Query limit by logged user access_type or role?

    Posted 2 hours ago
    Hi Domagoj.
    Logged in User placeholders like @cnt... or @root...can only be specified on the right side of a condition.
    Additionally, conditions need to have a relation to the current object in scope.
    Conditions like the one you are looking for ( general view or modify rights are usually handled by Access Function Groups, Data Partition, or by customization of the UI.
    Sometimes it helps to describe the condition as text: In your example above something like:
    I need a stored query that shows all tickets, where the affected contact has a specific **** handling
    and the logged in user has a specific setting.
    Here you can see, that the first condition is in relation to tickets, while the second condition is completely independent to tickets.
    So what should be the result of the stored query? Just no tickets at all ?
    Hope that helps somehow
    In my understanding the user would have just no right to view any ticket, if the second condition is not fullfilled.