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Identifying domsrvrs

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  • 1.  Identifying domsrvrs

    Posted 05-15-2019 10:38 PM

    We have a number of domsrvr processes running in our installation and for monitoring processes we would like to be able to determine from outside CASD, which process is which (i.e. domsrvr:02 vs domsrvr:03, etc).


    We can determine this from the stdlog files when each domsrvr is started but that's quite awkward to parse. We can't find any extra options on pdm_status and we have observed that the sequence within the output of that command is not consistent.


    Does anyone know another way we can determine this?






  • 2.  Re: Identifying domsrvrs

    Posted 05-16-2019 12:11 AM

    So, you are looking for the relation of process id -pid- and slump name, like 'domsrvr:02' ?
    On linux I would use ps and grep.
    On windows .... maybe slstat and find....

  • 3.  Re: Identifying domsrvrs

    Posted 05-16-2019 12:41 AM

    Hi Michael,


    We are on a Windows platform. Using slstat I can see the names that I want to see but I can't see how to display the appropriate PID's. How do I do that?





  • 4.  Re: Identifying domsrvrs
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    Posted 05-16-2019 01:35 AM

    Hi Alan.

    I am sorry, but I pointed you in the wrong direction. I thought, slstat will print the pid as well. My fault  !

    Once again,....  never ever suggest something, without taking a quick look before.

    Hopefully the following approach, will fit better. from within windows cmd , do a

    "wmic process get Caption,CommandLine,Processid, | findstr domsrvr"

    Thanks to :  !!

    Best Regards


  • 5.  Re: Identifying domsrvrs

    Posted 05-16-2019 04:54 PM

    Hi Michael,


    That's done the trick, thank you very much.


    Note that I had to run the command from a cmd shell with Administrator rights before anything would show in the CommandLine field for the domsrvr processes.




  • 6.  Re: Identifying domsrvrs

    Posted 05-16-2019 05:28 PM

    I've managed to convert this into PowerShell which gives you a lot more options for what to do with the data:


    Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Process -Filter "Name='domsrvr.exe' AND CommandLine LIKE '%domsrvr:02%'"


    Note that this is specifically looking for a "domsrvr:02".


    Also PowerShell has to be running with Admin privileges for it to work.