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Load Balancer SDM

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  • 1.  Load Balancer SDM

    Posted 06-21-2018 06:05 PM

    Hi Team!


    I Want to know if is possible configure a CA SDM 17.1 on AA With 2 Application Server, 1 Background Server,1 Stand by Server and 1 Load Balacer like Apache or Nginx for do a load balancig for the Application Server's. 


    I Found the doc for F5 balancer but I can't buy it. And on the doc of SDM 14.1 there is something for a load balancer but I'm not sure if is possible configure load balancer with tomcat on SDM 17.1. Configure the Load Balancer - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation  

  • 2.  Re: Load Balancer SDM
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    Posted 06-21-2018 06:20 PM



    You can use other load balancers other than F5, but CA only validates F5 and can't help with other configuration. So you'll have to figure it out by yourself.


    Take note, you need to have source address persistence enabled for the pools. This ensures that the clients won't be switched to the other pool members during their session. If this happens users will receive either a "server has been restarted" or "session not found" message. SDM sessions do not carry over between servers.


    Hopefully this helps you out.