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Chat Transcript - CA Service Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (August 2017)

  • 1.  Chat Transcript - CA Service Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat (August 2017)

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    Posted 08-10-2017 04:44 PM

    Miss the August Service Management Office Hours - Online Chat? Check out what you missed below and be sure to join us in September for the next session!


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Hi Everyone - We'll be starting in just a couple minutes.
    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK. Let's go ahead and get started. Ready for questions!
    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Any questions out there for us today?
    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Be sure to join us for the CA ITSM Community Webcast - Tips and Tricks to Successfully Manage Your Hardware Assets with CA ITAM – August 29th 11:00AM ET
    samba to Everyone: What is the plan to have CA delivered Universe kind of thing in CA Business Intelligence (Jasper Based)?
    samba to Everyone: some default Domain for ITAM prodct which should include important tables, Joins etc
    Jon Israel (CA) to Everyone: @Samba - We are aware that this has been a struggle with Jasper soft in that you cannot create ad-hoc views or reports from the web-based GUI for Jasper. A few things are goin to happen coming in the future. First, we are goin to be exposing some ETL (referred to as "Insights") reporting within the Xflow interface for analysts which will include dashboards and report capabilities. Second, we are now in the process of creating and testing a domain for Service Desk Manager to start, and will most likely add ITAM and Catalog ones depending on the feedback we get from the Service Desk domain.
    Jon Israel (CA) to Everyone: @Samba - currently we dont have an ETA at all because there are some challenges with the creation of the domain and its interaction with the MDB that are being worked through, so we cant say an ETA at this time.
    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Ready for more questions!
    samba to Everyone: Thanks Chris...ITAM is different from CA SDM
    samba to Everyone: it would be better if ITAM Universe is also given priority
    Jon Israel (CA) to Everyone: @Samba - I will bring this up to the product management team who is on the project.
    samba to Everyone: it was much easy to build reports in Boxi..where as in Jasper..we need to do SQL development also..which is time consuming
    samba to Everyone: I understand it is not possible to build exactly same as Boxi..but it should be more user friendly..and one product is replaced with another..we should give same functionality to Clients..
    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Any more questions for us today folks?
    Jon Israel (CA) to Everyone: @Samba - YES, exactly! And this is the reason we are moving foward on several projects surrounding this challenge and pain point.
    samba to Everyone: My client might replace ITAM because We need to redo all reports from Boxi to suggestion is could you please speed up? I am working in CA products from past 10 years....Boxi to Jasper transition should be useful to clients ..instead of a problem
    Rajeev Kumar (CA) to Everyone: @samba - we are bulding adhoc reporting capability through Jaspersoft so customers would not need to go to SQL to create new reports. We've started with SDM capabilities, and plan to include other CASM capabilities in 'Advanced Reporting' as we move forward. Please connect with me at, or share your contact details, so we can present and validate the ew capability with you and your client.
    samba to Everyone: Sure Rajeev..I will send my details..Thanks for info
    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: We'll give it a few more minutes here everyone and if there are no more questions we'll wrap up for today. It must be all those August vacations:)
    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: OK everyone, let's finish up for today. Thank you all for attending and join us back here in September. Have a great rest of your summer!
    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Thanks again everyone!