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Change Type addition

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  • 1.  Change Type addition

    Posted 04-05-2018 02:21 PM

    I created a new change types called Routine. Now I need to add a different color to display them on the Change calendar monthly view.


    When I check'd the list_chgsched_config.html, It needs a change type code to choose the respective schedule group. Where could I find this chgtype code?.


    var grpnum;
    switch( chg.chgtype - 0 ) {
    case 100: grpnum = schedGroup_std; break;
    case 200: grpnum = schedGroup_norm; break;
    case 300: grpnum = schedGroup_emer; break;
    case 400: grpnum = schedGroup_routine; break;

  • 2.  Re: Change Type addition
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    Posted 04-05-2018 03:30 PM

    Hi Vish,


    You can find these in the Administration Tab -> Service Desk -> Change Orders -> Change Types. The numbers unfortunately can't be found there. To find the numbers you can do a "Select * from usp_change_type"


    Out of the box is:

    100 - Standard
    200 - Normal
    300 - Emergency

  • 3.  Re: Change Type addition

    Posted 04-06-2018 10:19 PM

    Thanks, Anthony!! This worked.