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What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

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  • 1.  What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

    Posted 02-23-2018 03:25 AM

    Hi Team,


    I am using addAttachmentLinkToSubscription web service method to link the attachments from CA SDM request to CA Catalog service request,but not understand correctly one of the mandatory parameter 'attachmentLink'.

    If anybody have any idea about 'attachmentLink', please share with me.

    Thanks in advanced.




  • 2.  Re: What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-23-2018 06:54 AM

    Good Afternoon Pankaj.

    For details on this, please check:

    Login to the SC-UI and then follow these steps:
    Web Services API
    Request Web Service
    Method Detail
    -addAttachmentLinkToSubscription Method
    Required Parameters
    sessionId | [mandatory] Security handle to access web service.
    attachmentId | [optional] ID of attachment at source.
    attachmentFileName | [mandatory] Name of the file at source.
    attachmentDesc | [optional] File description.

    attachmentLink | [mandatory] Direct link, to download the attachment.

    attachmentTimeStamp| [optional] Date/Time when the attachment is added at source. Format: "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss". If not provided, the current date time would be used.
    sourceTypeId | [mandatory] Specifies the type of source. 200 = Catalog Subscription, 201 = Service Desk Ticket/Ref number, 202 = Service Desk Persistent Object.
    sourceObjId | [mandatory] ObjectID of the source system based on sourceTypeId.
    userId | [optional] Attachment created user at source.

    Thanks and kind regards, Louis van Amelsfort.

  • 3.  Re: What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

    Posted 02-23-2018 07:16 AM

    Hi Luis,


    Good Afternoon.

    I already check the Catalog Web Services API & what I understand is attachmentId is the direct download attachment link of CA SDM.If I am wrong please correct me.


    I also successfully attached the attachment to a Catalog service request from CA SDM request attachment.

    I used attachmentId  like following


    "AttmntId="+ attmntid +"&Bpsid="+bopsid+"&retURL="+SD_EXT_URL+"?SID="+SD_session_id+"%2BFID=123%2BOP=DISPLAY_FORM%2BHTMPL=attmnt_download_done.htmpl"+"&ServerName=BG_Server"


    where attmntid is the id of the attachment

    SD_EXT_URL is https://+hostname+/CAisd/pdmweb.exe 

    SD_session_id is the SDM session id

    BG_Server is the background server name.


    After successfully attached the attachment to a Catalog service request when I am trying to download the attachment by clicking the attachment it will forwarding to CA SDM link instead of downloading attachment.





  • 4.  Re: What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-23-2018 07:25 AM

    Good Afternoon Pankaj.


    When all is working okay, then please explain your remaining question.

    When you hit the link, it will point you to the correct attachment, right?


    Thanks and kind regards, Louis.

  • 5.  Re: What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

    Posted 02-23-2018 07:29 AM

    Hi Louis,


    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    The issue is when hitting the attachment link instead of downloading the attachment it will only forwarding to the SDM link.




  • 6.  Re: What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-23-2018 07:33 AM

    Good Afternoon Pankaj.


    Thank you too for the quick response.

    Unfortunately, you(we) then need to wait for 'other people in the community' to help you further on this.

    Sorry, kind regards, Louis.

  • 7.  Re: What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

    Posted 02-27-2018 02:03 AM

    Hi Team,


    As I used below URL as attachmentLink


    "AttmntId="+ attmntid +"&Bpsid="+bopsid+"&retURL="+SD_EXT_URL+"?SID="+SD_session_id+"%2BFID=123%2BOP=DISPLAY_FORM%2BHTMPL=attmnt_download_done.htmpl"+"&ServerName=BG_Server"


    to link the attachment from CA SDM to Catalog.But after attaching the attachment to Catalog from SDM maybe  bopsid & SD_session_id was expired & when clicking on the attachment link attachment is not downloading.

    Then my question is what is the workaround for that?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.




  • 8.  Re: What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 03-09-2018 08:48 AM

    Good afternoon Pankaj.


    Can you agree to 'close' this thread?

    And I can then propose to open a standard case should you need further analysis and research for this.


    Thanks in advance for your understanding and kind regards, Louis.

  • 9.  Re: What is the 'attachmentLink' in 'addAttachmentLinkToSubscription' web service?

    Posted 03-09-2018 09:02 AM

    Hi Louis,


    Good afternoon.


    Yes please close this thread, I already open a case for the same.